This trust is dedicated to the task of providing selfless services for the welfare of the mankind, particularly for the unhappy people of society and Animals .

Nishtha Public Charitable trust has been formed to Work for Environment, Education and Animal Care specially Cow in the India. We are working on the above basis with the help to Society .and also plan to open Education school for the deprived street children at a free of cost.
To provide appropriate education, intervention, training and advocacy which will lead to awareness, empowerment and development of people with disabilities with the help and support of trained staff and care givers and to take measures for prevention, cure and mitigation of disabling conditions. All these measures will be undertaken with the cooperation of families, communities and other stakeholders.
Nishtha Public Charitable Trust :- Purposes and Objectives :
[1] Grants in aids and contributions in cash or in kind to persons stricken with calamities such as famine earthquakes, floods, fire, cyclone and such , other natural calamity.

[2] Medical relief and / or maintenance of the sick and disabled and / or establishment maintenance and support of or donations to one or more hospitals, dispensaries , nursing homes and utilization of funds for medical relief and medical research.

[3] Advancement and spread of education including the establishment maintenance and support of free or part free colleges schools or other educational institutions providing scholarships, research ,fellowships, fees and prizes .

[4] Relief and help to the aged , blind , lame , mute deaf, and dumb ,mentally retarded and orphans and persons otherwise disabled or incapable of earning their livelihoods or anyone or more of them and provided aid for their uplift and rehabilitation in life and Society.
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